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Black Beat Recordings is an international music label, distributing music in over 240 countries. We develop artists and work with a variety of DJs, producers, beat-makers and songwriters. Black Beat Publishing is the publishing division of the company.

Representing Respect.

Black Beat Recordings is proud to present several fresh releases for the year 2016 as well as our dope back catalogue.

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Looking for beats and top-quality producers?

Our producers have created hits for best-selling award-winning acts. Black Beat can provide you with beats and tailor-made music productions.


Looking for professional studios or a video team?

Black Beat Recordings offer top-quality music studios and the latest video recording equipments, including well- experienced video teams. Contact us for availabilities.


Do you have a music project ready for a release?

Black Beat Recordings can distribute your project. Contact us and introduce your project, including music, video material, press photos etc...



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Black Beat Recordings organize events on a regular basis - in the hottest places in Paris and around the world. Our DJ's are well-known from radio, touring and private events.


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